Thursday, March 6, 2008

Admin Deployed Forms VS. Content Type Deployed Forms

There are a few Gotcha's around form deployment. Here are some Pro's and Con's of each:

Document Library:
Limited to one document library.

Content Type:
Limited to one site.
Infopath May timeout on upgrades if you have too many fields. I ran into this error around 25 fields. During the publishing process you will receive an error "Updating site content type failed." This is due to the fact that Infopath has a 30 second time out. If it does not finish it just gives up. I worked through this with premier support. It was suggested I use admin deployed forms.

Admin deployed forms:
More complex publishing process. Has effects on content deployment due to it being a feature.
Does not update content types. If you change the number of published fields, you will have to wipe out the content type and re-deploy. This is not possible after it has gone live since you will have to delete all the forms that have been created.

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