Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Importing and Exporting Webparts

Frequently, I find myself creating XSLT data view webparts because the out of the box layouts don't cut it.

I found that if a webpart is added to the page using the browser, then edited in designer and converted into a XSLT view, it can cause problems. I was no longer able to export the webpart and import it to another page.

Unfortunately, to work on a webpart in designer, it has to be on a web part page since you have to break the page from the template. I then exported the webpart and imported it to a normal publishing page. The webpart imports, but causes the page to error out. You must then edit the page in the maintenance view and remove the offending webpart(the last one listed, since they are listed in order they were added to the page).

So, add your webparts in Designer as a Dataview, edit them in designer, and move them later. Sorry if you're trying to edit one you created in the browser and converted to an XSLT view, just start over and save your self a headache later.

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