Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mapping Office Shared Template Location to a SharePoint Library

A user asked if you can create a new word document from a template that is stored in SharePoint.
Normally, i'd say sure, lets make it a content type, add it to the doc library and just click new! But of course this doesn't work. how many users really do that anyway? None of mine.

So, i found out there is a Word Workgroup Templates folder that you can set. When you click new, my templates, it will show you all the templates from that folder. It even creates tabs for the sub folders. Very nice.

To set the folder in Word 2007
  1. Word Options
  2. General -> File Locations
  3. Set the folder for Workgroup Template.
Unfortunatly, you can't just enter a sharepoint URL, or even the Shared folder path (\\portal\somesite\templates\). It will give you an error saying "You cannot use an internet address here. Enter a path that points to a location on your computer or on the network".

Trick Word.

Map a drive to the SharePoint folder path. Then tell word to point to that folder.

I chose to map T:\ to \\portal\somesite\templates\ and then told word that my templates folder is t:\

Problem solved!


BGT said...

Help ...this doesnt work for me (Office 2010 + Windpws 7)

Anonymous said...

in regedit go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Common\General

change the property

its a REG_EXPAND_SZ value.

If its not there, add a local location thru WORD then go to the registry and edit it...

I have not tried to use a URL in the registry.