Wednesday, April 15, 2009

View all Site content Blank after Import

Recently, A coworker and I had to move some sites around after a previous contractor setup the site with a bunch of different site collections and other junk that had to be removed as the site was moved to production.

Instead of moving the whole database, we only wanted to move a certain group of sites, so we used stsadm to export the sites and import them on the new server. After Import, we noticed that the the Quick Launch bar showed the correct lists, and they worked fine, but if we went to the "View All Site Content" link, nothing showed up other than the recycle bin.

Not sure what was going on here, but we were able to fix it. Here's the process we went through:

On the New server, backup the site.
Move the site(or change the URL) to something like _old.
import the site to the original site's URL.
If everything looked good, delete the _old site.

Maybe something else was going on here, but it works now.

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