Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Add Webparts Popup missing links and buttons

After a few days of modifying the CSS and master pages for SharePoint and thinking everything was good I found the Add Webparts popup had lost it's buttons and the Advanced Link!

Tracking down what's going wrong can be tricky. This page uses the same CSS as the rest of your site, so good luck tracking down what you did. Also, this page doesn't work in Firefox, so using FireBug isn't an option(more on that later). And worst, IE won't let me right click and get Page Source!

Fortunately, someone else has hit this problem:

This person did the work to track down which page is used: /_layouts/webpartgallerypickerpage.aspx

Going directly to the link will let you us FireFox and Firebug to track down the problem. For me, I was setting the height of the page to Auto, not 100%. This caused the buttons and advanced link to appear near the top of the page, and behind the box that lets you pick webparts. I simply added:


to my CSS file, and everything was fixed. :)


Jeff Lester said...

Looks like this problem pops back up when migrating a site from sharepoint 2007 to sharepoint 2010.

To fix this in a 2010 site running with the 2007 UI, add the folling to your CSS:

height:520px !important;


Jeff Lester said...

The !important may not be necessary.